Fidex Car Hire Limited  visualized the need to ensure continuity in well coordinated tourism activities by different players within the tourism ecosystem and other stakeholders. The company strives and ensure it engages best practice that promote social economical  and cultural aspects that spar positive changes to the society especially the under developed areas of the community. We rely on ethical frameworks provided by the company and other stakeholders. We are also guided by the tourism sector policies issued by the state and state agencies. With the changing global tourism trend we train and ensure our team of human resource is well emptied with current tourism information and policies

We at FIDEX CAR HIRE LTD classify it either as internal or external.


  • Educate the staff on sustainability
  • We recycle paper
  • Ban use of single use plastic
  • Minimize use of power energy unnecessary


  • We aim to engage our local communities to start sustainable projects that are beneficial to our environment and also beneficial to their everyday livelihood either through education, conservation and community livelihood.
  • Guests- choose an extra activity that will support a community either by education, training or financial support and or plant and adopt a mangrove tree

We recognize the need to:

  • Leave a positive impact on the environment by both guests and communities around us
  • Promote and enhance our culture and traditions
  • Educate our guests and communities best practices for our destination
  • Local excursions must have at least 80% local community employed.
  • Local Excursions must commit to environmental conservation and locals live in harmony with nature. And must promote sustainability among students and researchers through their learning journeys
  • Local excursions must also provide suggestions and guidelines for travellers on how to minimize the negative impact on the environment and use resources responsibly

This policy is communicated to all the staff and performance will be monitored and evaluated periodically.

As we grow as a company, we recognize the increasing awareness of sustainability in our industry


1.planting of trees in conjunction with Kenya Association of Tour Operators, Coast chapter
2. Planting of mangrove trees in conjunction with Skal Kenya Coast
3. Enhancing our local communities by organizing excursions and exchange programs
4. Supporting suppliers who also practice sustainability in their organisations
5. Encouraging guests to book accommodations in certified, sustainable hotels and lodges


We provide travel products and services with promptness, reliability and efficiency that cause no unnecessary harm to our industry.


Is to inspire and implement environmental protection and adopt non- exploitative practices within our industry


Experience The Service


  • Promptness. We are fast, reliable and efficient when offering our services when you need them especially on short notice.
  • Courteous. Entire staff are polite, friendly, smart and courteous when handling clients and public at large
  • Professionalism. We are honest, skilful, respectful and diligent in our duties.
  • Cleanliness. Staff and vehicles always clean.

Action plans will be put in place and tasks given a period frame for completion and reporting after every six month.

For more information contact our office sustainability coordinator Jennifer Wanzina

Telephone +254 722 44 02 69

Responsible Tourism

Jennifer Len 14.03.07 131

Promote and enhance our culture and traditions